HomePatrol Sentinel

HomePatrol Sentinel

It manages Uniden's HomePatrol configurations, firmware, and databases
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  • HomePatrol Sentinel and SD cards formatting.
    The first thing to do is to check the error with the card. Input the SD card into your computer through a card reader and then check it for errors. If you... Read more
  • How do I get to "clear user data"?
    The scanner doesn't have a user data section to clear it. You can reset it using the Power button. Press on the Power button and keep it pressed for a couple... Read more
  • The installation wizard doesn't start.
    It seems that the latest version of the program comes bundled in a ZIP archive. You need to unpack the archive to start the installation process. If you don't... Read more


HomePatrol Sentinel is a Windows-based software package that manages Uniden's HomePatrol configurations, firmware, and databases.

Main features:

- Create and update profiles, including Favorites Lists and Avoids.
- Read and write data between HomePatrol and Sentinel
- Favorites Lists Avoids
- Manage Favorites Lists and Avoids through the databases
- View and update HomePatrol databases and more.

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